Motormouth and Killpower first appeared in Marvel UK stories. The Marvel UK line of comics introduced a few new British heroes who operated in an adjacent continuity. Marvel UK's adventures could crossover with mainstream Marvel heroes, but the line mostly stayed within its own connected storylines. Two of the most popular heroes from Marvel UK were Motormouth and Killpower.

Harley Davis was a foul-mouthed teenager who could project a powerful sonic scream while also opening portals across dimensions. She was joined by an assassin from the Mys-Tech organization named Killpower. Incredibly strong but with the mind of a child, Killpower was convinced to join Motormouth in her fight against Mys-Tech.


Motormouth (Harley Davis) is a fictional character created by Paul Neary and developed by writer Graham Marks with initial designs by Gary Frank (Supreme Power, The Incredible Hulk). As the title character of her own series, Motormouth (later Motormouth & Killpower) was part of a line of original comics released in the early-to-mid 1990s by Marvel UK. She is a teenage street-rat from London, England, with a fierce temper who curses constantly. She is 5 ft 4 in (1.62 m) tall and weighs roughly 7 st 7 lb / 105 lb (48 kg). 

Harley can create deafening sounds and force blasts by screaming or shouting, similar to the X-Men's Banshee or DC Comics' Black Canary. By humming at a high pitch, she can use ultrasound to see through solid objects. She can also jump between alternate universes using the MOPED technology built into her. This technology also allows her to sense threats outside her normal field or range of senses. She also seems to have some ability to sense various forms of energy. 


Harley is orphaned at age 11 and grows up as part of a gang that lives in the East End of London. They survive by foraging and stealing. Her incredibly foul language earns her the nickname "Motormouth". When she is 17, Harley is discovered by Laarson, an agent of Mys-Tech, the shadowy organisation that is featured in all of Marvel UK's 1990s titles. Harley is a candidate for his MOPED (Mind Operated PErsonal Dematerialisation) technology. This allows people to jump between alternative realities but will only operate on people with certain strands of DNA. The unit is disguised as a pair of training shoes, which Harley finds and tries on. At the same time, Laarson is being executed by Mys-Tech's Techno-Wizards, and agents are sent to find the MOPED units. In order to save her and the units, Laarson's subordinates activate the technology and send her to another universe.

While still on the run from Mys-Tech, Harley is sent to a future in which the world is covered in shopping malls. It is here she purchases a Soni-Muta 500 Unit, a microchip that allows her to mentally tune in to any radio station she wanted. This would later give her a sonic scream. Harley returns to her own universe and is captured and put to work by Mys-Tech. She escapes after a mission to Tokyo, Japan.



Killpower (Julius Mullarkey) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character appears primarily in British comic books from Marvel UK. He is the partner of Motormouth and first appeared in Motormouth #1. Killpower was created by Gary Frank and Graham Mark. 

Killpower has a combination of human and animal DNA as well as "bio-occult conditioning" provided by Mys-Tech. He possesses enhanced strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, senses, and agility. He was shown shrugging off the impact of 20 tons of debris. He also has an instinctive affinity for all sorts of technology, a "mecha-psychometry" that allows him to use, repair, and rebuild devices that he has never seen before.

Killpower has received training in various forms of combat and the use of numerous firearms. 


Killpower is a genetically engineered super-being made by Gena-Sys Labs, secretly a subsidiary of Mys-Tech. He was made by the mad scientist Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey, using both human and animal DNA, as a form of expendable supersoldier, and designed to mature at a rapid rate. He was given the name "Julius Mullarkey" by his creator, and by the age of 18 months reached his adult size of 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m) and 325 pounds. He had a childlike mentality, but was not taught any morals and had no understanding of concepts like the value of human life. He took a great interest in guns and other weapons, the bigger the better, but regarded shooting people as a game.

He was used as an operative of Gena-Sys (and through them, Mys-Tech) until he was sent to recover the missing MOPED (Mind Operated PErsonal Dematerialization) unit and encountered its new owner Motormouth. She taught him that killing people was bad... the first he had ever heard of such a notion ...and he broke down crying, thinking of all those he'd killed on his missions. When Motormouth was shot in the throat, Julius used his innate mechanical instincts to repair her with technology, giving her a sonic scream as well as integrating the MOPED device into her body. Motormouth and Killpower then became traveling partners and adventurers. Killpower willingly helped Motormouth accomplish her goals, such as tracking down the creators of the MOPED devices. Killpower is one of the few male sidekicks who work with a heroine, such as S.T.R.I.P.E., Ron Stoppable, and Willie Garvin.

Killpower plays an important role in the 'Mys-Tech Wars' though only his partner remembers the incident.

Later, Killpower, Death's Head, Dark Angel, the Incredible Hulk, and other heroes are kidnapped to take part in brutal gladiatorial games. They continue on far longer than they would because powerful pacifist doctors have been enslaved in order to heal all fighters. Killpower uses his technological skills to help the heroes overthrow the leader of the games and destroy his plans to conquer all reality. Killpower perishes in the final battle but the doctors resurrect him.

Sometime later, he becomes a reserve agent for MI:13. While trying to rescue Faiza Hussain's parents, he is taken hostage by Dracula. However, due to his immunity to magic spells (part of why he was on standby to rescue Hussain's family), he is not under Dracula's control and acts as an undercover agent when MI:13 starts their assault.

When Mys-Tech tried to send all of Britain to Hell, Killpower fought at the Battle of London Bridge and entered Hell to save Harley. The other heroes were unable to rescue him and Killpower was left trapped there, terrified and manipulated by Mephisto into believing his friends did not care enough to get him out. Years of manipulation turned him into a rage-driven, murderous beast who, at Mephisto's urgings, would lead a demonic invasion on Earth. During the battle, Killpower tried to kill Harley in revenge but her sonic scream managed to clear his mind. Realising he'd been made into "a bad man", he allowed Britain's super-soldiers to kill him.








Black Knight, Dane Whitman (British, American, Ebony Blade Cursed Sword Strong, Marvel)

Blade, Eric Brooks (Vampire Hunter Born Soho, London MI-13* [Wesley Snipes] British SuperHero, Marvel)

Captain Avalon, Brian Braddock (Protects mystical Omniverse, Britain Corps, Excalibur, Marvel)

Captain Midlands, 'Rambling' Sid Ridley (British Army Super Soldier Program MI-13*)

Dark Angel, Shevaun Haldane (Psylocke, British Superhero Darkmoor, England, Marvel Comics)

Dr Druid, Anthony Ludgate (Raised England, studied magic Harvard Medical Degree, British Superhero)

Dr. Faiza Hussain (England, London - Sword Of Arthur Excalibur Stone [Marvel Disney])

Elsa Bloodstone, Monster Hunter (Marvel Comics)

Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock (Super heroine Captain Britain, mutant Psylocke Amulet of Right Excalibur Knights)

John Storm - Storm Force, ex army captain, soldier turned mercenary with cybernetic arm 1987 Eagle comics
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Motormouth and Killpower Harley Davis & Julius Mullarkey, Marvel UK Stories British Super Heroes Mys-Tech Organization

Pete Wisdom (British Secret Agent Mutant Mi-13* Excalibur X-Force S.T.R.I.K.E.)

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Spitfire, Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton (Vampiric Speedster Marvel Comics, Immortal MI-13*)
Union Jack, Joseph 'Joey' Chapman (Patriotic Legacy Hero World War One [Liverpool, England] Marvel)

* Military Intelligence, Section 13 (MI-13), is the United Kingdom's (fictional) agency set up to deal with paranormal occurrences and is part of its intelligence machinery alongside MI5, MI6, GCHQ, and DI. MI13 is directed by the JIC (Joint Intelligence Committee). The service is directed to protect Britain from mystical, extra-terrestrial and superhuman threats.





Ant Man,

Captain America,

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Thor, and





Saint George is based on a soldier in the Roman army who was martyred in 303 CE (Patron saint of knights)
Sir Galahad - Knight of the Round Table 12-15th century CE literature (King Arthur legend)
Siegfried - Brunhilde & King Gunter (Kriemhild, Burgundian [Nibelung] princess) c. 1200 CE


Robert Guiscard - 'The Crafty' (c. 1015-1085 CE) [Norman]
Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar - 'El Cid' (1043-1099 CE)

Godfrey of Bouillon (circa 1060-1100)
Sir William Marshal - 'The Greatest Knight that Ever Lived' (c. 1146-1219 CE)
Richard I - 'The Lionhearted' (1157-1199 CE) King of England from 1189 to 1199 CE
Sir William Wallace (c. 1270-1305 CE)
Sir James Douglas - 'The Black Douglas' (c. 1286-1330 CE)
Bertrand du Guesclin - 'The Eagle of Brittany' (c. 1320-1380 CE)
Edward of Woodstock - 'The Black Prince [of Wales]' (1330-1376 CE) 
Sir Henry Percy - 'Hotspur' (1364-1403 CE



John Storm is a hybrid character. A new breed of modern Knight, fighting to protect the natural world and the archaeology that defines man's development, from Tanzania, to the Moon and beyond. Storm's ace in the hole is the Elizabeth Swann, the onboard AI, Hal, and his enhanced performance via a brain implant and genetic modification. Thus, just about keeping pace with what the market expects in a modern world: A technological super secret agent. In this case, for Blue Shield & UNESCO.







John Storm is a new breed of British super hero, a modern Knight. Seen here with Dan Hawk, at the helm of the Elizabeth Swann. The formidable high tech duo discover they have no way to make it in the book or film world, but discover that they make excellent comic characters, ideal for publication as graphic novels. George Franks, mentor, is held to be a descendant of King Arthur, a knight of the fabled Round Table. The Swann's onboard weapons early warning and targeting system is called: Merlin. The laser cannon: Excalibur. And the tazer anti-piracy boarding system: Pendragon.







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