Elsa Bloodstone is a monster hunter who carries on her father's mission from Marvel Comics. Elsa's father was from the Hyborian Age, and when he discovered a meteorite that crashed into Earth, his entire life changed. He fought off Tae Kwan S'yn for this strange rock and amidst their clash, the meteor exploded and part of it launched into Bloodstone's chest, making him an immortal. He traveled the world searching for Tae, slaying monsters as he did.

Knowing that one day the Hellfire Helix would come to Earth and that he was chosen to be its host, he killed himself. Before he did, he met Elise, and the two wed. Eventually, she gave birth to his child, and he left her with a choker that held a fragment of the Bloodgem. Elsa Bloodstone followed in her father's footsteps and hunted down monsters.


Elsa Bloodstone is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She first appears in Marvel's Bloodstone mini-series of 2001 written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. She is the daughter of the previously established Marvel Universe character Ulysses Bloodstone and the sister of Cullen Bloodstone. She was a member of Nextwave, Midnight Sons and Fearless Defenders.

As she is a young, female monster-hunter there are potential similarities with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, although when asked about this the authors claimed "neither of us have seen an episode of Buffy all the way through! I know we're missing out on some great TV but we've determined to steer clear of Buffy at least while we're doing Bloodstone."

Elsa Bloodstone appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe / Disney+ television special Werewolf by Night, portrayed by Laura Donnelly.

Elsa lives in Bloodstone Manor with her mother Elise and ally Adam the Frankenstein Monster. She has befriended Charles Barnabus, a pureblood vampire lawyer and executor of the Bloodstone estate. Together along with Dracula they defeat Nosferatu and his scourge of vampires.

Elsa has exhibited superhuman strength, speed, durability and endurance, and a regenerative healing factor. She appears to possess all of the abilities her father once had. In addition, she has demonstrated immunity to vampire bites (her blood will kill a vampire if consumed and the original Bloodgem fragment itself is anathema to vampires).

Some of her powers were bestowed upon her by the Bloodgem fragment she wears on a choker, although she does not appear to be wearing it in flashbacks to her childhood training sessions. Elsa has also inherited at least some of the Bloodgem's power genetically from her father. She has also been portrayed as an expert marksman.

Elsa is able to fire energy blasts from her right hand, and claims that her father ripped off her original hand and replaced it with an apparently magical one. This power was never utilized previously and has not been used since. No explanation has been offered to date.

She has been shown to use a removable Bloodgem on a choker as well as a number of artifacts gathered by her father. These include a lamp which contained a genie whom Ulysses had enslaved years ago. This serves as an early warning system, lighting up during times of supernatural crisis, and transporting him to said crisis. In Nextwave, she carries a guitar case with a false cover, containing two Uzis and a rifle.




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* Military Intelligence, Section 13 (MI-13), is the United Kingdom's (fictional) agency set up to deal with paranormal occurrences and is part of its intelligence machinery alongside MI5, MI6, GCHQ, and DI. MI13 is directed by the JIC (Joint Intelligence Committee). The service is directed to protect Britain from mystical, extra-terrestrial and superhuman threats.





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John Storm is a new breed of British super hero, a modern Knight. Seen here with Dan Hawk, at the helm of the Elizabeth Swann. The formidable high tech duo discover they have no way to make it in the book or film world, but discover that they make excellent comic characters, ideal for publication as graphic novels. George Franks, mentor, is held to be a descendant of King Arthur, a knight of the fabled Round Table. The Swann's onboard weapons early warning and targeting system is called: Merlin. The laser cannon: Excalibur. And the tazer anti-piracy boarding system: Pendragon.







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