Dr. Druid was raised in England before he left to study Magic. Anthony Ludgate was born in England, before heading to the United States so he could attend Harvard University. There, he earned his medical degree, but quickly found a new calling. Ludgate became obsessed with ancient Celtic stories about druids and sought to learn more about their ways.

He trained with the Ancient One, though fell behind Doctor Strange who would become the Sorcerer Supreme. Still, Ludgate gained incredible magical power and officially changed his name, becoming Dr. Druid. While he never had as big a magical presence in the Marvel Universe as Doctor Strange, Dr. Druid is still a powerful British hero.


Doctor Anthony Druid, also known as Doctor Droom and Druid, is a fictional mystic and a supernatural monster-hunter appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Co-created by writer-editor Stan Lee and penciller Jack Kirby, he debuted as Dr. Anthony Droom in Amazing Adventures #1, published in March 1961 (with a cover date of June 1961). Kirby's art was inked by artist Steve Ditko. Dr. Droom appeared in four more issues of Amazing Adventures before his stories discontinued. Over a year later, artist Steve Ditko approached Stan Lee with a new magic character called Mr. Strange. Liking the idea, Stan Lee renamed the character Dr. Strange and wrote an origin story similar to Dr. Droom's. Dr. Anthony Droom was finally reintroduced to comics in 1976 in Weird Wonder Tales #19 in a retelling of his origin story which renamed him Dr. Anthony Druid. This retelling included new writing by Larry Lieber (brother of Stan Lee).

Through his knowledge, Dr. Druid has enhanced physical and mental abilities (such as hypnosis and the ability to sense magic) and knows how to counteract magic and protect against it (though rituals and special arrangement of symbols). According to the lore of Marvel Comics, this makes Dr. Druid a mystic but not a full sorcerer like Dr. Strange since he does not cast spells that alter the state of people or the environment around him and does not draw power from Earth's magical energy, extra-dimensional energy, or energy linked to magical entities.

Considered a scholar of multiple fields, the brilliant Dr. Anthony Druid is originally a psychiatrist who then becomes an author and physician. After Dr. Druid undergoes a series of tests in Tibet, a dying lama and mystic mentally transmits to his mind secrets of how to enhance his own body and mind's power and control, as well as knowledge regarding magic and supernatural threats. Later it is said Dr. Druid also taps into the knowledge of Celtic ancestors regarding magic. With the combined knowledge of both his Celtic ancestors and the Tibetan lama, Dr. Druid acts as a magic-based consultant and hero of Earth. Over the years, he has worked with the superhero team known as the Avengers, and it is later said he was part of a group known as the Monster Hunters. On multiple occasions, he has worked with the sorcerer Dr. Strange. 


Doctor Druid's latent mystical abilities were activated by the Ancient One. He has a variety of psionic abilities including telepathy which enables him to scan or project his thoughts to any mind on Earth, the ability to mesmerize minds less adept than his own, and the ability to perform mass hypnosis. Doctor Druid's hypnotic abilities enable him to achieve numerous illusory effects, including invisibility, altering the appearance of himself and others, and the projection of illusionary objects or beings. He has psychokinetic powers enabling him to levitate himself or other people and objects. Doctor Druid has limited precognitive abilities and can sense the presence of recent uses of magic and trace them to their sources.

Doctor Druid's druidic powers have a special vulnerability to iron, as did the powers of his ancestors. Iron tends to act as a lightning rod for the magical forces he employs, sometimes disrupting their effects.

Doctor Druid employs the mystical knowledge and skills of the ancient druids. Through magic rituals that may involve chants, runes, candles, potions, mystic symbols, and other such preparations, Doctor Druid can achieve various magical feats. These rituals tap the inherent mystical energies in natural objects and materials. Doctor Druid possesses various Celtic mystical artifacts as well. At one time, Druid even had access to the Moebius Stone, which was a mystic item created by Agamotto that had a limited ability to manipulate time. The stone was able to raise the dead, absorb the life-force of another, and accelerate or reverse the passage of time within a confined area, though sometimes random time-related side effects occurred. Doctor Druid eventually destroyed the artifact because he felt it was too powerful to fall into the wrong hands. Doctor Druid can also call upon the Celtic war goddesses Morrigan, Macha, and Badb for mystical assistance. Doctor Druid also possesses various yogic abilities, including control over involuntary functions of his body such as his heartbeat, respiration, bleeding, and reaction to pain.

In his latest and final incarnation, when he was called only "Druid", he has been seen manipulating fire, and making a tree instantaneously grow in a person's stomach from the seeds of an eaten apple. These powers were nature-based (elements, plants, etc.) as the druids of old worshipped nature.

Druid has earned an M.D. from Harvard, completed a residency in psychiatry, and has extensive knowledge of occult lore, especially Celtic lore. 


Doctor Druid's real name is Dr. Anthony Ludgate Druid, although he usually refers to himself as Dr. Anthony Druid. He is an Irish psychiatrist and explorer as well as a minor telepath and magician, specializing mostly in hypnosis and other feats of mesmerism. He has minor magical abilities that have varied over the years. He is also an expert on the occult, having been trained by a Tibetan lama who had come to the U.S. for medical attention. Many years later, Druid discovered that the lama was, in fact, the Ancient One who selected Anthony Druid as a back-up in case his grooming of Doctor Strange failed.

Doctor Druid remained on the sidelines for years. He eventually appeared again and teamed with the Hulk against the Maha Yogi. With the Avengers, he encountered the Fomor and his ancestor Amergin.

Doctor Druid sometime later aided the Avengers in thwarting Baron Zemo and the fourth Masters of Evil's takeover of Avengers Mansion, making contact with the mentally damaged Blackout and helping him resist Zemo's control while also prompting him to bring Avengers Mansion back to Earth after banishing it into his Darkforce Dimension. He joined the ranks of the Avengers shortly after helping to defend from this attack. He battled a Dracula doppelganger in the realm of Death.

His membership was tainted when he was mind controlled by supervillainess the Terminatrix (at the time impersonating the space pirate Nebula) into manipulating the team on her behalf. While in this state, he even assumed chairmanship of the team for a very short period. When "Nebula" was cast into Limbo, Druid followed, as he was still under her thrall. He eventually regained control of his own mind and returned to Earth, where, after learning his true origin, he banished "Nebula" and became younger by magic.

Due to his actions while in the villain's thrall, Druid was disgraced. He was briefly reunited with his former teammates while working with Doctor Strange during the Infinity War, and later became the leader of the Secret Defenders. In that role, he was once again victimized by a villain's mind control, this time by the demon Slorioth. Doctor Druid and the demon were defeated, Druid faked his own death, and the team disbanded.

He then abandoned his spandex costume and became even more of a real, traditional druid, a fact reflected by his taking on the simple name of "Druid" and the new nature of his nature powers, but he let his feelings of rage and power lust take him over, went insane, was betrayed by his allies, and was finally killed by Hellstorm, the putative Son of Satan. Druid's ghost appeared later alongside the spirits of other dead ex-Avengers, confirming that Druid had, in fact, died this time. The Avengers later placed a memorial statue of him in the garden of Avengers Mansion.

A mere 36 hours before his death, Druid is visited by a time-traveling Black Widow. He happily assisted her with magical research pertaining to her mission, no wiser about his imminent demise.

Doctor Druid's son is introduced as one of Nick Fury's new recruits to fight against the Secret Invasion. Secret Invasion #4 reveals that he is operating under the name of Druid.

During the Chaos War storyline, Doctor Druid is among the dead heroes brought back to life when Amatsu-Mikaboshi dominated the death realms.

As part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel, Doctor Druid resurfaced on Weirdworld. Nighthawk of Earth-31916, Blur of Earth-148611 and Tyndall were captured by Doctor Druid's minions and taken to his castle. He revealed to his captives that his soul took on a corporeal form when it found Weirdworld, where he remained so that he can still be alive. Doctor Druid also revealed that Ogeode built him a massive crystal on top of his castle to amplify his mind-control abilities, which brought anyone in his part of Weirdworld under his thrall. For some reason, Thundra and Tyndall were immune to his effects due to something related to time-travel.

He later resurfaces on Earth and attempts to live a normal life, but does help Dr. Strange with a magical investigation.





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