Captain Midlands got his powers from the British Super Soldier Program. There's Captain Britain, Red Guardian, Captain America, Union Jack, Captain Canuck (not Marvel), US Agent, the Patriot and so many other heroes that are proud of their country. However, Captain Midlands is one of the more obscure and hilarious ones of the bunch. Sid Ridley didn't get his powers through Merlin like Captain Britain, but through the British Super Soldier program.

Much like many others in the British roster, Ridley ended up working with MI-13, but he was more of a background character than the others. He fought fairies in Hillfort and even killed an extra-dimensional Jack the Ripper. British Marvel gets weird and wacky, which is exactly why it needs to be adapted.


‘Rambling’ Sid Ridley, as Captain Midlands, is the English equivalent of Captain America. Under the Super Soldier program of the early 1940s his strength, stamina and agility was increased to the peak of human fitness. This allowed him to fight as a British super soldier during WW2. Unlike Captain America, Captain Midlands was not frozen or preserved in time and therefore has aged accordingly. Somewhere in his 80s he still posses his superhuman abilities but has the aged body of a pensioner.

The history of his life is largely unknown but he was married to a woman named Nancy who died in 1963. This was Captain Midlands' greatest loss and when offered his hearts desire by the Duke of Hell known as Plokta his wish was to live happily with her.


Sid Ridley, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Captain Midlands was created by writer Paul Cornell and first penciled by Trevor Hairsine and first appeared in Wisdom #1 (January 2007). 

As part of the 1940s British Super-Soldier program, Sid Ridley is transformed into a "perfect" specimen of human development and conditioning then sent off to be part of the British Army's war effort.

After serving as Captain Midlands in World War II, Ridley somehow ended up in British Intelligence and eventually MI-13. Ridley also suggested that he had "knocked a girl up" (got her pregnant) and married her before she died in 1963.

Captain Midlands served alongside other British heroes, including Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom in MI-13, fighting supernatural threats such as fairies, Y Ddraig Goch, alternate reality Jack the Rippers and Martians. He was also reported to be fighting the Skrull invasion of Britain.

When MI:13 refocused itself against a supernatural pandemic, Captain Midlands - while carrying out routine crimefighting - identified a demonic incursion in Birmingham and called it in to the agency. He was captured and imprisoned in a council estate basement, being tempted to give his soul for an unknown desire. He was freed by and joined Pete Wisdom's strike team. However, this was a ploy by Captain Midlands to lead the group into a trap so he could get his heart's desire, to spend eternity with his dead wife.

Wisdom, disgusted with Sid's treachery, deliberately destroyed the illusion of Sid's dead wife. After the team escaped, he was arrested in view of the public and imprisoned in The Vault, a high security prison in Shoreditch. In an act of mercy, Wisdom gave Sid the chance to kill himself and avoid humiliation in a trial - although it was left ambiguous as to which option Ridley took.


Captain Midlands has no superhuman powers, although as a result of the 1940s British Super-Soldier program Sid Ridley was transformed into a "perfect" specimen of human development and conditioning. Captain Midlands' strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance are at the highest limits of natural human potential, and despite being an eighty-year-old man he still has a body of a superhero.

Captain Midlands wears full DPM military fatigues and helmet with a cowl mask (similar to the World War II Ultimate Captain America outfit) and wields a golden circular shield in the design of the traditional lion symbol of Britain and coated in an anti-magic nanominium gloss.









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