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The Elizabeth Swann cruising along the Amazon to Manaus




The 'Elizabeth Swann' is a solar assisted, hydrogen powered ship that is thought to be the fastest in the world, and the most advanced technologically. She was inspired by the character, Elizabeth Swann, in the Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies, (played by Keira Knightley). Though, we know of a lady of the same (given) name who lives in England.


Being solar and green hydrogen powered, means the stunning trimaran is zero emissions, and zero particulate. It's about as clean a ship as you'll find, being zero pollution by design.


The Swann is equipped with a stunning array of ocean instruments, that makes her invaluable for underwater surveys and other surface marine tasks, under the command of her rugged ocean conservationist captain: John Storm. A man of many talents, who becomes physically and mentally enhanced during his adventures, to include a BioCore™ brain implant, that allows thought communications, with suitably enabled digital devices.


The Elizabeth Swann is autonomously piloted by Captain Nemo, named after the Captain of the Nautilus in Jules Verne's classic: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Captain Nemo is a stand alone unmanned navigation system. The ship is monitored by an artificially intelligent (AI) computer named Hal, after Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke's character in 2001: Space Oddysey.  Hal is further enhanced with the CyberCore Genetica™ nano supercomputer, which for security reasons, is protected by a built in safe and ultimately, detonation (self-destruct) system - to ensure that corrupt governments and military can never attain the technology. Even if the Swann were captured and cut up with lasers or plasma-cutters - the assailants would destroy the object of their desire, and themselves.





Artificially intelligent Chatbox generated picture of what Bing imagines a solar and hydrogen powered Elizabeth Swann trimran might look like





The onboard anti-piracy weapons include a lazer light-sabre (or sword) and tazer combination, known collectively as the Merlin, Excalibur & Pendragon system. Designed to deter pirates at sea and give an added layer of protection when docked and unmanned. The weapons system was named by George Franks, in recognition of one of his ancestors, believed to have been either King Arthur, or one of the Knight of the Round table, though only a fable, without certain proof.


Though featured in a series of fictional graphic novels, the ship is a real trimaran design, with genuine quotes for build in high grade 5083 marine alloy, to include electric pod thrusters, solar wings that track the sun, and a fuel cell system to utilize hydrogen in many forms, to generate electricity for her submerged drives.


Internally, the Swann is an ergonomic design, making the best use of available space. She sleeps up to six crew, and has a diving platform to the rear.


Another (fictional) feature that makes the Swann attractive to the very wealthy, is the ARK. The ARK is a computer database, where Johns stores his DNA collection in digital form. This system, is compatible with the very latest innovations in synthetic-genetic engineering. Converting the DNA four letter code, to binary. The system can also reverse, to create a modified genome, or the original biological sample. But, it uses a lot of computing power and storage space. For this reason, when John comes into possession of the CyberCore Genetica™ super nano-computer, the system gets a much needed upgrade. Much to the relief of the overworked AI Hal.


The ship is Plastic Free. All single use packaging is eliminated as far as practical. Where that is not possible, waste is compacted to be pyrolysized, or otherwise re-used. Preferably, returned to its original polyolefin state by way of sustainable recycling. Offloading at each port of call with such facilities.




John Storm rescues a giant humpabck whale and her calf          A religious Nazi sect plan to reincarnate Cleopatra                           



The Elizabeth Swann is to feature in a trilogy of original stories being developed by the Cleaner Ocean Foundation, by way of ocean and climate awareness campaigns.




A second series could begin with 'THE HOLY COMPASS,' a natural follow on from Treasure Island.






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