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The 'John Storm' franchise, is a series of original (short) stories being developed for graphic novels and as screenplays, featuring the amazing, artificially intelligent, zero emission, 'Elizabeth Swann' ship, and her rugged ocean conservationist, climate activist, Captain.


The first three adventures form a trilogy in which the main characters are established. John inherits a high tech autonomous ship from his Uncle, Professor Douglas Storm, who has disappeared in mysterious circumstances. John is an adventurous conservationist, obsessive in collecting DNA, from his days studying anthropology.


During these adventures, John rescues a giant humpback whale. In his another foray, John accidentally becomes DNA enhanced, that coupled with his AI ship, makes him indispensable as an investigative marine archaeologist. He is called upon to investigate the sunken remains of Alexandria, when he discovers Cleopatra's mausoleum.


There are three versions of this short story adaptation, one of which we hope will make it to the silver screen:


- The 1st (Draft) is set in Brazil with New World Order occultists having stolen the Pharaoh queen's sarcophagus, leading to recovery, of a cloned Pharaoh Queen, reincarnate, who John Storm has to rescue for the CIA. This version is published in script form. 


- The 2nd (Draft) is set in Europe, where scientists (secretly) belonging to the 'Novus Illuminatum' develop the cloning technology while looking for a cure for cancer, while John Storm finds Cleopatra's mummy. And then Egypt, and John Storm fall prey to a bribe by the richest man in the world, to prove their cloning technology using Cleopatra's DNA - a wager - that Storm and the Egyptian Prime Minister agree to. The bribe being an irresistible sum of money to boost their coffers. And then the CIA steal the cloned Cleopatra, with Storm being forced to effect a rescue.


- In the 3rd Draft adaptation, the antagonist is Professor Krafenstein, actually Baron Victor Frankenstein VI, following in the footsteps of his infamous descendents, taking up the torch, as he acquires a sample of Cleopatra's DNA from John Storm, and cannot resist the temptation to recreate the most famous woman in history.







1ST SERIES TRILOGY - These original stories are being developed as screenplays & with a view to publication as graphic novels. Scripts are available for Kulo Luna and Cleopatra The Mummy - in Final Draft format for studio executives. Treasure Island is currently being developed as a script, aiming for early 2024 publication.




ELIZABETH SWANN TRADEMARK - The Swann is a ship, with additional investor protections in other classes.



JOHN STORM TRADEMARK - In addition to copyright protection, investors may benefit from merchandising protections.





After that, Blue Shield request a survey of the sunken city of Port Royal, where John discovers Henry Morgan's long lost casket, and a code, to decipher a map to the real Treasure Island and Blackbeard's missing hoard of gems and gold. That completes the first series. In the 1st of a proposed second series, John cures the Pope of cancer using his Ark and a lightning fast nano-computer, as a modern medicine man. A Holy Compass of life. Soon after the apparent miracle recovery, the richest man in the world tries to acquire the technology clandestinely.




Operation Neptune, the search for a stolen nuclear submarine leads to the discovery of Nazi gold and the Lost City of Atlantis



These adventures are plastic free : )








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