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Helm of the Elizabeth Swann, as the ship is under attack from a CIA missile - Graphic Novel artwork: John Storm & Dan Hawl




Dan Hawk is the loyal (original) crew member of the Elizabeth Swann, a great friend of John Storm. Dan is very fond of the solar and hydrogen powered trimaran, and an avid technophile, which is how he became an electronics and computer programming genius. He is a fan of the famous science fiction writer, Jules Verne. Dan is adamant that the Swann is the fastest zero emission ship on planet earth. And never lets John pass up an opportunity to show how fast the vessel is.


Blue Shield refer to Dan as John's right hand man. He is a friend of Charley Temple and very keen to insulate Cleopatra from the modern world, where there might be potential issues. He is somewhat in awe of the Queen of the Nile, and was distraught when she was kidnapped by a rogue CIA agent. And the fact she was reincarnated via cloning technology, that should not have worked according to the experts, that he is even more amazed by.


Though, it was Dan who urged John to equip himself with the BioCore BCI digital neural link. Dan also helps John to re-program part of his genome, to become super-enhanced. Realizing that in making the changes, combined with the communications chip and CyberCore Genetica, that John is the nearest thing to a cybernetic organism, this side of Mars. His Captain is quite simply the most advanced (almost) human on the planet. The strongest, fastest and most intelligent man alive. Because of the BioCore, that gives him instant access to all knowledge published on the internet. And, with the ability to hack into any security system, that knowledge extends to just about every military and confidential political digital communication. Anywhere in the world, and in any language.


Dan is also very fond of Hal. They have a good rapport on and off missions. The AI works well with Dan and John, making a formidable conservation team. Taking on, and defeating some of the most ruthless and devious of adversaries. 


John and Dan are helped by George Franks, a good friend and mentor, solicitor-advocate and associate of his uncle, Professor Douglas Storm.







Katie, the Kitty-Cat, is the ship's cat. There are many famous cats that lived on ships. Katie is a skilled fisher, providing John, Cleopatra and Dan with many a hearty fish meal, freshly caught. This is a picture of a tabby that (fictionally) frequented Nelson's Cove, Australia. John is very fond of his cat.





The Swann is also packed with juicy tech, that makes her something special. Equipped with the Artificially Intelligent 'Hal' computer, the trimaran is a virtual living thing, more than capable of navigating John to any destination in the world at high speed, with a zero carbon footprint. The ship has an integrated autonomous navigation system called Captain Nemo, that feeds Hal and Merlin.


John's collection of DNA is stored in The Ark, the world's most powerful interactive digital DNA library. The integrated system is loyal to John Storm, coded to recognize and protect him, and authorized members of the crew. Including Katie-Kitty-Cat, the ship's cat.


On one of his adventures, John is accidentally injected with a DNA crafted virus. This changed his genome, making him exceptionally strong, with side effects. Since the virus had not been formulated for him especially. Later, having stumbled across the technology to re-programme his DNA, and using his database, 'The Ark,' John with help from Dan Hawk, is able to re, re-programme his DNA. This time with a virus that is crafted for him personally. John is fascinated by the fact that he has, in effect, created another species of hominid, that he (and his crew) calls, Homo Sapiens Sapiens Superior, or Kanis Rex. Kanis Rex is the file name for the genome formula, that improves on the virus he assimilated accidentally in Manaus.


To make things worse, or better, depending on your point of view, John was persuaded to undergo a procedure whereby Dan, aided by Cleopatra as a nurse, inserted a BioCore implant onto the occipital lobe of his brain. This incredible wireless communication apparatus, enables John to communicate with the CyberCore Genetica supercomputer, and any other enabled digital device. Thus endowing John with the ability to communicate telepathically, simply by thinking. The BioCore, communicating from the brain directly to (for example) a smart phone, cutting out the need to speak and vocalize a thought.





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